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Driftless Soon-to-be Graduate Needs Help

by Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

I’ve always been kinda socially awkward but in the last 4 years it has become a pretty extreme phobia. And in just the last 2 years alone I’ve gained almost 60 pounds due to stress that causes me to eat to much (I was really skinny before). My parents are constantly putting me down and telling me that I’m not going to go anywhere in life. I’m the oldest of my 3 siblings and I’ve always felt like they see me as a failure. It has suddenly dawned on me that in just one month I’m going to graduate and my parents want me out of the house as soon as possible. I have NO idea what to do with my life. I’m starting to consider suicide because I’m just so scared about my future. A lot of my relatives thought I should join the military but now I’m way too overweight and I honestly don’t think I’d be able to handle the stress of being in the military anyway. Please tell me what I should do. I really don’t want to be around my parents anymore either.

You can start by consulting your school guidance counselor. They often advise and guide soon-to-be graduates. Is there a teacher you can speak to? What about a mentor or someone you look up to? Talk to whomever you think can provide you with helpful advice.

You should also consider counseling, if possible. My main concern is your suicidal thoughts. You are facing a difficult challenge without any support. In your view, you have very few options. In reality you have many options.

Most problems have solutions but sometimes people lack basic problem-solving skills or are sometimes just unaware of the help that is available. The advantage of therapy is that you can learn those necessary problem-solving skills. Another advantage of therapy is that you will gain a supportive person in your life. Group therapy could help as well. The more supportive people in your life the better. Studies show that having supportive people in our lives is one of the most important contributors to stable emotional health.

Please realize that suicide is never the answer to a problem. It is instead a sign that someone is suffering and needs help. You may feel that you are facing an unsolvable problem but there is help available. I hope that you are able to receive the help that you need and deserve.

Dr. Kristina Randle

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