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Am I a Psychopath or Anxious?

by Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

From a teen in Canada:  I often feel extremely worried on whether I’m a psychopath. I feel empathy and remorse. When I was eight I had done something terrible to an animal and it ended up killing it by accident and I haven’t been able to let this go. I’m not entirely sure if this is guilt I feel, because I feel really bad about this. I have had past childhood trauma too.

I also have major suicidal tendencies and self-harm behaviors. I have thoughts like, (NOT ACTING ON THESE) “What would happen if I killed someone?” is this normal? I all honesty I’m more harmful towards myself then others. But I also hear inner voices and never outside of my head. When I speak to myself its usually negative and in third person. Is this normal?

Because of  the thing with the animal I have got myself convinced im a psychopath.

One incident does not define someone as a psychopath. You can probably rule it out since you do feel remorse. Accidents do happen.

However, I’m very concerned about your self-harming and that you are so hard on yourself. I would need more information to know what to make of the inner voices. Since I can’t help you explore this, I hope you will make an appointment to see a mental health counselor who can. The time to interrupt these thoughts is now. You are already anxious about whether you are anxious. This can become a worsening spiral. Talk to someone who can help you understand yourself and give you some peace of mind so you can enjoy your teen years.

I wish you well.

Dr. Marie

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