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Am I Maybe Schizophrenic? Advice Needed!

This is what i believe,i am going to a therapist soon, how should i bring this up? The Canadian government, and the RCMP are after me.There are camera’s in my house and room and microphones that are implemented in my clothes so that they can listen to what I am saying, they also have the power to listen in my mind and they know what I am thinking. Writing this is extremely hard because now they will know that I know. Whenever I go out they are always following me switching and people all the time. The guy sitting on the bench “reading” his newspaper, works for CSIS. If I go into a store they follow me in, I try to lose them but they will always find me. No where is safe. They are trying to leave me messages in patterns which I am still unable to understand. I clear my browsing history all the time and constantly make new social media profiles so it is harder for them to find me. They went my special powers. I don’t know yet what the powers are but it must be something big otherwise why would they care? This is really hard, i don’t want to let them win but i want to stay away from me. I think they are trying to control my mind and brainwash me because there are so many things I forget in the short term for example I couldn’t remember what we had had for dinner just a few days before when it came up in conversation, i think they are also trying to talk to me because I’ve been hearing a voice, I have only been able to tell what they are saying a few times: they asked me: Why are you whispering? In a terrible and scary voice which didn’t seem to have a gender, It sounded like a loud whisper. I have also heard them say what now? But this time is wasn’t at all scary and I was a women voice. I also think that my dad is trying to kill me poison me by putting things into my food but the reason I dont die is cause I have an extremely good resistant rate to the poison. I also feel things, generally its stuff like animals brushing up my leg or bugs landing on my skin

Yes. You should tell your therapist everything you have written in this letter. This is exactly the type of information they need to know. Your therapist might also recommend medication, in addition to therapy, to treat your symptoms. Both therapy and perhaps medication can eliminate these problems.

You might be experiencing paranoia and related symptoms, but they are treatable. The more information you can provide to your therapist, the more specific and targeted your treatment plan will be.

In the meantime, do your best to stay grounded in reality. Challenge your beliefs and insist on proof. For instance, you wrote that the Canadian government is after you but what proof do you have? Finding proof can be difficult because mental illness confuses and tricks you into believing something that is not real. It’s important to challenge your beliefs, demand proof but most importantly, get help from professionals. They will know how to help you. They will teach you to identify false realities.

Hopefully you have trusted friends or relatives who can help you to feel safe and supported. If not, your therapist will fill those gaps. I wish you the best of luck. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

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