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Bad Circumstances and Issues with Family

So I’ve been feeling really low and sad lately .I have an headache almost all the time and I feel like sleeping during the whole day but at night I can’t sleep however tired I am , I sleep at 3 am usually nowadays .I don’t feel like eating at all even if it’s my favorite food .I cried a lot a few days ago and nowadays I feel like crying a lot but the tears won’t come out my eyes .its like internal crying I feel tired and hurt and get sad over small things .im gonna turn 15 in next few days and I don’t even want my birthday to come up I’m literally dreading my birthday and have zero excitement . I feel like staying in the bed the whole time I hope I get some help and thank you
Regards (From India)

A:  Although you describe these depressive symptoms the title of your email mentions issues with your family — and curiously you don’t say what those issues are. Whatever they are is likely to be underneath these feelings and reactions. I’d find someone to talk to, an older sibling, an aunt or uncle, or a trusted teacher. They can give you some guidance about how to cope with these reactions and dealing with the issue(s) with your parents.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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