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Can’t Tell What’s Wrong With Me

by Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

Plz help. Ok so some times I hear people whistling but no ones there and I see a man in the clauset and I see people moving around in mirrors but no one is outside the mirror. I also see black little dots floating in the air at night. Another thing Is that I have wierd thoughts and I have a hard time remembering if my memories really exist or not. My mood is really wierd too. Like, I’ll be extremly happy and out going then in a couple of hours depressed and then parinoid and shy which changes back to hyper and happy. I always feel like people talk about me and hav had suicidal thouts before. Plz help me because I’ve tried talking to my family but they won’t listen!

I would suggest talking to the school guidance counselor or another trusted member of the faculty. Describe your symptoms. In addition, discuss the fact the you have brought your concerns to your parents but they have been nonresponsive. The guidance counselor can either speak to your parents on your behalf or advise you about how to approach them.

If what you are experiencing is normal, then you have no problem. If what you are experiencing is not normal then you have a problem. No problem should be ignored. Most will respond best to immediate treatment. The issue here is whether or not you have a problem and if so what the problem is. Parents sometimes minimize their child’s problems because they are worried and hope that the problem will simply go away. Sometimes it does but for the sake of safety no problem should be ignored.

An alternative way to approach this situation may be to suggest that your parents take you to your primary care physician (PCP). You can say something like “Mom, I’m having a tough time lately and I would feel much better if I had the opportunity to report my symptoms to a doctor. Let’s let the doctor decided if I have a problem or not.”

During the appointment, report your symptoms to the doctor. He or she will likely want to investigate your symptoms further. The doctor will also want to involve your parents.

The purpose of this approach is twofold: it allows you to be evaluated by a physician and secondly, the doctor can serve as an advocate for treatment. If the doctor is concerned about your symptoms, then this increases the likelihood that your parents will take you seriously.

I hope this helps. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

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