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Can’t Understand Why

I’m crying a lot when talking about theories, other worlds, dimensions, ghosts, magic, spirits etc. and that problem was there my whole life. I change my opinions all the time e.g one day someone asked me about my opinion on god. Few days passed and I was asked the same question but the answer was different and it’s been on forever. I have trouble finding my talents, things I’m good at and jobs I could do. I also change my mood frequently e.g one minute I feel happy then other thoughts come to my mind and make me sad. About 1 year ago I started forgetting simple things I have said or done. I used to have very good memory, remembered and noticed details. I need to know is this some kind of disorder or trouble with stress of some kind.

Thanks for coming to us about these symptoms. I would start with a general physical because of the memory issue. Many things can cause this—and ruling out a physical or medical cause is important. The physician can then advise you about the course of treatment from there.

If it is something medical he or she can make a recommendation about interventions. If it is psychological the physician can refer you to a qualified professional who can help.

If you’ve notice the symptoms getting worse I’d make this appointment sooner rather than later.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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