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I am unemployed since past 4 months, my previous company got shut down and this happened before as well with me. I was working as a Recruiter with a US Recruitment Firm but they closed there branch here in Mumbai due to Management shortfall. I am feeling clueless and confused about my career. I did figure out certain options that I would like to pursue further but I feel I can’t do it now. I am falling short of Money to invest in a course. But Recruitment does not excites me anymore, or any job which is target orientated.

I had Graduated in Advertising (B.M.M) and I did not wanted to pursue career in Advertising since I felt I am not capable enough of handling the pressure related to erratic work life balance and I thought I am not a good fit for that job. I pursued a distance learning course in HR but that did not help me much in getting a job. I feel I have taken wrong decisions in life and it drives me more crazy.I am losing my confidence and hope in life. I am sick of constantly having to change my job every year. Please Help.

It is clear from your writing that you have a great deal of resilience and determination. This is sometime referred to as grit – the ability to persevere when there are obstacles. You goal of a regular career is a good one and my encouragement now is not to try to find the perfect career, but allow yourself a while to experiment with a few different jobs. One of the biggest errors people make is trying to make a decision about their career when they have only had a few experiences. Think about what would be exciting for you to do and talk to people who work in that industry. Network with them. Take a course that interests you. You are looking for something that will be a draw— a pull, not a push. Begin your quest for something that will delight and excite you, This will help the struggle for a career that seems more like a quest or a calling. You are young and have some time now. Find out what inspires you.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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