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Do I Have Gender Identity Disorder?

by Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

My name is daniel and well im not sure how to go about this because i feel very insecure about it but im a male and everyday i feel like i was born the wrong way like i should have been a girl and i feel miserable and i have no one to talk to about this i was not abused i have read that is the case in many situations i have a great mother but my father has kinda been dissociated my whole life he has been around but like everything has been me and my mom since i can remember i have always identified more with females and idk i was wondering what i should do or maybe any advice would be helpful cus i would so much appreciate any help i have cried sooo many nights about this i know it sounds crazy or something but i have been fighting these feelings for years and im tired of fighting them anymore i used to hide it from everyone due to fear of being ridiculed for it but i cant anymore i have read that are options and such but i havent found found anything READ wise at least that i see what should i due please help me i would be soo thankful . ummm i hope i hear from someone thank you.

Hello Daniel. I am sorry you are experiencing so much distress. You should know that you are not alone in your struggles. There are others who also feel they were born the wrong gender. Some experience this so strongly that they undergo major surgery to change their assigned sex. Transgender is the generic term used to describe individuals who do not feel comfortable with their assigned sex. Transexual is the general term used to describe individuals who have undergone gender reassignment surgery. The surgery allows them to become the gender they believe they were meant to be but is it a major life decision. Middle Sexes is an informative HBO documentary that describes the issues faced by members of the transgender and transsexual community. I show it in my social work classes to help students deepen their knowledge about the complexities of gender. You may be able to view the documentary in segments on YouTube.

At this point in time you need resources and support. This would include reading educational material and receiving counseling from mental health professionals who are trained to deal with gender–related issues. Specialists are often referred to as “gender therapists.” Many communities have transgender resources. I would suggest doing a Google search for “transgender resources” and the name of your community. You may also want to view the following Internet resources which may help you locate assistance in your community.

Susan’s Place Transgender Resources

Laura’s Playground

GLAD Transgender Resources

The last link may be particular useful because it lists some of the biggest transgender resources throughout the states. It is important that you receive support. Without it you may continue to struggle. I hope you’re able to access the help and support that you need. Please take care.

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