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Early Signs of Schizophrenia?

by Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

Please help me: I realize that these questions must become particularly redundant and for that I apologize. Instead of giving you a laundry list of assumptions, I will just explain how I feel and let you tell me the rest. The most noticable thing is that I often find it hard to put what I am feeling or thinking into words. I also tend to feel slightly reclusive and can never seem to socialize as I used to. I often find myself lost in thought and have tried add medicines without results. I find myself believing that my life has no meaning and no matter how well I fulfill my dreams and aspirations I will only be forgotten with time. I act out violently and do so consciously. At the time, my decisions feel like the right thing to do and I always seem to blame the bad outcome on others for not understanding me and being ignorant and/or arrogant. Even my parents just scold me and they’re supposed to be the ones who understand and know what I’m going through. I feel as if everyone functions differently than I do mentally. As if they do not realize things that I do and it always seems as if everyone is against me. whenever I notice people laughing or giggling or even just talking in soft tones,I always feel like they’re laughing at or talking about me. Always in a negative way. Due to this I have developed a particularly low self-esteem. I often feel stressed out and as though nobody else understands what that stress is like. I’m usually humbled, but my brains have always been the one thing that I can be proud of and now its as if theyre fading. I’ve been undermotivated as if nothing matters because no matter what after I die, within years I will no longer be even a memory. I always have a sense of isolation, wherever I go. If whats wrong with me isn’t schizophrenia, then what is it and how can I fix it.

You are in obvious pain. That is exactly why you should seek treatment. It could help you to feel better.

You asked whether or not you have schizophrenia. I cannot determine a diagnosis online. That is another reason why it is important to see a mental health professional. He or she can determine if you meet the criteria for any mental health disorders.

In addition, I need more detailed information from you. For instance, you mentioned that you have tried medications without results. Are you referring to psychiatric medications? Are you seeing a psychiatrist? A family doctor? More information about what you meant by the expression “have tried [to] add medications” would have helped me to help you.

You also mentioned that you act out violently. It would’ve been helpful to have an example of what you consider “acting out violently.”

Generally speaking, schizophrenia is a relatively rare disorder. It is even more rare among individuals under the age of 18. Don’t assume the worst case scenario. You may be experiencing an adjustment period in your life. Depression might also be a possibility.

The teenage years can be volatile. Individuals are beginning to explore who they are. It can be and often is a confusing and tumultuous time in an individual’s life. P. J. Ekerrett of the Harvard Mental Health Letter recently described changes in the adolescent brain as being “colossal.” In all likelihood, those changes affect how one feels on a day-to-day basis. The neurological changes in the brain add to the already challenging time of being an adolescent.

Please speak to your parents about this problem. Ask them to have you evaluated by a mental health professional. Clicking on the find help tab, at the top this page, can help you and your parents locate a mental health professional in your community.

Dr. Kristina Randle

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