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Excessive Irritation

by Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

For a while now the littlest things upset me to no end. My bf has just recently told me i should see a Dr. for depression. I don’t feel like i am depressed although i fit most of the criteria. I’m not happy i sleep a lot i cry over some of the littlest things. What i am concerned about is how irritated i get over nothing. My bf could ask me the simplest question and i get so mad at him. Is this a symptom of depression as well? i don’t want to kill myself never thought of it. i had weight gain about a year ago that i haven’t really been able to work off but other than that no major weight gain since then. i don’t really do anything other than sit in the house. So i wonder is it just cabin fever or should i really see someone about the depression? I seem to feel better when i do get out of the house but a lot of times i feel anxious when i do and i just want to get home unless i am with my bf or really close friends. which i don’t have a lot of, just his family and some of mine. I love my boyfriend and i don’t want to lose him but if i don’t stop snapping at him for no reason i don’t blame him if he wants to leave. He has been very supportive and most of the time just lets it go. but i also know a person can take so much…i wouldn’t want to live with me. i could really use some advice

I think your boyfriend must love you a lot to stand by you when you are being so difficult. Please listen to him. What you are describing is consistent with a diagnosis of depression but only a mental health counselor who actually talks to you can confirm that. Even if you are not “clinically” depressed, you are certainly having a tough time. A counselor may be able to give you the support you need to take a closer look at why you are so irritable and why you are gradually reducing your world to your own four walls.

If you are too anxious to go to a first session with a counselor by yourself, ask your boyfriend to go with you. He can help you describe what you have been like and how it’s different from when you were more able to be your best self. By taking yourself seriously enough to get help, you will be letting him know that your relationship is as important to you as it is to him. Just as important, you will be breaking free of the cycle that is isolating you more and more.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

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