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Fear of Amputation

Sometimes I pray in my head to god( I’m not sure I believe) but anyways I will ask for things I’m afraid of to not happen to me but my voice in my head will say the opposite. Over the course of four years I’ll ask for god to not take my arms (for some reason this is a huge fear of mine) and the voice will ask to take them and then I’ll have to bed in my head to god to not take them and to disregard my inner head voice. And it puts me into a helpless panic attack. Even though I know it’s an irrational thought and I know it’s stupid it puts me into a deep fear and it affects my days. I find it hard to do anything because my mind is consumed with the fear of losing a limb. It’s makes me feel like doing things I normally like a pointless because what happens if I lose a limb and it happens and it just terrifies me I don’t know how to get rid of this affliction even though I know it is dumb. But it feels so real and it affects me physically like racing heart and crying out of frustration. What could be causing this? Trauma? Rejection? Please any info or if anyone has experienced this or know if this is a normal anxiety for people? Please. It frightens me I feel so helpless. (From Canada)

This sounds terrifying and the fact that you have been coping with it for a while may mean that you need to talk about this more directly with a therapist. I think your list of potential causes are good guesses, but the help of a professional will be able to specify what the core issue is and provide treatment for it.

The fact that this is causing you so much turmoil is enough to get some help with it. I’d only be guessing as to the possibilities, but a skilled therapist can narrow this down with you one-on-one.

The Find Help tab at the top of the page can get you to someone in your area.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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