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Forgetfulness, Daydreaming and Difficulty Concentrating

Hi..I am an undergraduate student in the last year of my studies. I am an external student doign independent study. I have gone through a lot of emotional turmoil in the last few years. My fiance cheated on me with another girl which led me to depression. This year I broke out with my best friend and have intense feelings of guilt. Also since the last 2 years I was physically unwell diagnosed with unrine infections and was constantly on medicines. I always had a weak memory and needed to revise my studies frequently. But recently since 2010 I have been having severe forgetfulness isues. I just keep daydreaming all the time and sometimes I feel like my head is going to explod with the multitude of thoughts inside it. I keep forgetting my course work even after revising them so many times. I also find it very difficult to concentrate the moment i look at my book after 5 minutes i get up and start using the Internet or start calling someone. Its like I am just trying to occupy myself so i dont have to go back to work. I force my self to concentrate then my head pains so much. Sometimes I feel there is a huge basketball inside my head bouncing up and down. But i dont feel like that when i am reading a novel or simply relaxing. Since I am doing independent study I am most of the time at home.my parents wanted me to finish my education and regain my health back.I am often very lonely. I want to study but I cant concentrate my head pains and i daydream like crazy. I feel so lazy and lethargic. And often I feel depressed because of all these various thoughts that keep running in my mind. I also cant stop talking…If I dont talk I sing to myself.I feel like a volcano waiting to blow up. I also have a very short temper and snap at people. I get upset at very minor issues and end up crying which seems an outlet to my tense feelings. The only time I feel at peace is when I sleep. Do i need to visit a Psychiatrist? Or is it just me being lazy and not wanting to work? Please help me…I am desperate.

You seem to be exhibiting the signs of depression including: difficulty concentrating, inability to focus, memory problems, irritability, emotional dysregulation, and lethargy. Depression makes sense in the context of losing both your best friend and fiancé. You have endured two major life losses. Your reaction is understandable.

You have asked two questions, one of which is “are you being lazy and simply not wanting to work?” In light of your recent losses I highly doubt these explanations would be accurate. Depression seems like the more logical explanation.

Your second question is related to whether you should visit a psychiatrist. Yes, you should see a psychiatrist and a therapist. A psychiatrist can evaluate your mental health condition and determine whether psychiatric medication would be an appropriate form of treatment. A therapist could help by engaging you in talk therapy. Both could benefit you greatly.

You also mentioned that you have several ongoing medical problems. These should be evaluated by a medical doctor. Don’t neglect these problems. They may be contributing to your recent difficulties.

Receiving professional mental health treatment would be the most efficient way to deal with these issues. I’m sorry but I am not familiar with the mental health resources in your country. Hopefully there is an easy way to access these services. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

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