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How Do I Bring Up My Suspicions that I Have ASPD with My Shrink?

From England: I have done a lot of research into mental health/psychology/abnormal psychology.

I came across ASPD during this research and upon delving further I realised a lot of the criteria fits me, it actually would make a lot of my life make sense.

But how do I bring up this suspicion with my psychologist without being brushed off as another “self-diagnoser”?

I also believe there is evidence of ODD throughout my teens from roughly 12 up until around 14 where there was a break until I was 16.

I admire your courage in reaching out. One way to understand your reluctance is that if you are right—that you have Antisocial Personality Disorder—then not trusting others, like not trusting that your therapist would understand you, would make perfect sense. You’ve come this far and, if you are looking to help yourself, then the process of telling your therapist will already start the ball rolling.

Thanks for trusting us with your question, and I hope you will be able to follow through in talking to your therapist about your insight. Here is some more information on ASPD.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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