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How Should I Tell People if I Think I Might Have Depression?

If I’ve been fake for a long time, how should I tell people if I think i might have depression? So, pretty much I show a lot of signs of depression and have taken a bunch of online quizzes that agreed with me. The only problem is that its been slowly getting worse, not on a huge scale or anything but still. Anyways, At school and home and pretty much anywhere I act extremely happy (like I used to) and i have found ways to clear up everything but the problem that led to was that I kind of don’t want to keep in the dark about my suspicions but at the same time I don’t know if they will believe me or if they will simply think I’m making a joke or something

  Find a trusted outlet to start talking about this. You’ve taken a very brave and courageous step here by writing to us. Now it is time to continue the process by talking to your parents an older sibling, a teacher a counselor at school or your best friend. Finding people and ways to talk about this is important. The pressure of not doing that can wear you down. If you think you want to start therapy, let your parents know that. They can help locate someone who can help.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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