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Hyper Awareness of the Inner Voice

by Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

hi , i keep obsessing on how mind works Like how you think (by that i mean how you produce your inner voice), how you memorize, how you calculate, how you imagine, etc,it makes me so freaked out. It also makes me feel so aware of everything, even my awareness, I want to get outside of myself, but i can’t hide from this hyper-awareness of my consciousness so it makes me even more freaked out (i feel trapped, condemned to listen to my inner voice for eternity). My thoughts scare me, but at the same time it seems like i can’t think about anything else … Sometimes i realize that i was not thinking about thinking but when i realize it i instantly get back in this existential circle. Right now it feels like hell and like i couldn’t ever forget how i’m feeling right now,It’s only when i think about thinking that i feel strange and anxious. When i’m lost in my thought i don’t think about it, of course. Then i realize i was ‘‘lost in my thoughts’’ and i feel a burst of anxiety trough my body,It’s like i’m so aware of my thought processes that it becomes kind of unusual,constant running comentary in my head for everything im doing through the day. HELP ME PLEASE

It’s possible that your hyper awareness is a sign of anxiety. The essence of anxiety is an inability to quiet the mind. Unabated, it can cause significant distress that disrupts one’s quality of life.
The good news about anxiety is that it is highly treatable. Counseling and medication work for many people.

It seems that the more you distract yourself from thinking, the better you do. When you think about thinking, you seem more anxious. In that case, you should focus on activities that are distracting. You might try meditation and yoga techniques, or other activities that calm your mind.

Music might help. Exercise also serves as a good stress reliever. Many people find that it mentally soothes their minds and makes them tired. The more you distract yourself with healthy mind-quieting activities, the better you will feel and the less of a problem this will be.

Therapy is the ideal treatment for your concerns. You will learn specific techniques to address you hyper-focused mind and once you do, this problem should become a thing of the past. Good luck and please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

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