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I Have No Idea if My Dad’s Cheating

My dad recently gave me a new phone, well his old phone. Then I went to check the messages. There were butt pics everywhere. and he was texting under fake names. I got scared and deleted the messages. I plan on recovering them. I am Intimidated by my dad. A little scared. Every time he calls me I have a panic attack. he is very manipulative and controls everything in my life. I don’t know how far to take this investigation he cares much about his reputation I doubt he’d do this. I don’t know if I should tell someone I don’t want to scare my little brother or little sister. I am deadly afraid of my dad. when my parents got married they didn’t love each other. It was arranged by their families and they fight every day. All that adds to my stress, my whole family goes through this. but now knowing my dad could have possibly cheated on my mom, I’m getting more and more scared. Not to mention my younger sister and I have OCD suggested by our social worker. Which my parents don’t believe. Now that there is a possibility that my dad cheated I have now more stress than ever. My dad’s a religious man so it doesn’t make any sense. I think even if he cheated… my mom would stay with him… she can’t afford her own place… Like I said my dad is very Manipulative and he even controlled my mom’s life. Please. Please I need help!!! Please. (From the USA)

I am sorry that you’ve had to deal with your father’s behavior and the information on his phone. It makes sense that it is hard for you to have contact with him, when his actions seem so erratic and contradictory.

It is unclear how a social worker got into the family’s orbit, but I would contact the social worker directly and explain that you are scared, uncomfortable, and stressed What you are looking for here is some support outside of your family, and this is the most direct and best way to get it. If this doesn’t work I would bring this to one of your counselors at your high school to express the fact that you have anxiety and a diagnosis of OCD and aren’t feeling supported by your parents. The counselor should be able to give you some support and guidance — or at least direct you toward someone who will be able to hear your concerns and help you deal with your mother and father.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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