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I Know My Mental Health Is Not Good

by hrcounts

Hi, for as long as I can remember since i was 7, I feel I have been dealing with depression, anxiety, mood swings, I was a cutter in high school, in my early 20’s I had major suicidal tendencies, and Did attempt a couple of times. I have tried to self help with drugs, alcohol, and trying to find someone, sometimes in the wrong places. I can’t seem to make an emotional attachment with anyone, I have these thoughts and voices in my head that I have been fighting with since I was young, most times I feel I can overcome them, but recently I just feel like I have started going into a downward pattern, I can put on my mask to go to work, but outside of my room, I feel disconnected with the world. I don’t have insurance, and the one from my job won’t kick in for another six months, and I’m in process of looking to move to a different job as we speak. I need help. I need someone I can talk too, I have a lot of pain inside, and I feel like I am dying a little each day. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

A: I’m sorry you are hurting so much. I agree that you need help and you need to get help soon. You cannot afford to wait until you have insurance coverage. There are several options available to you. 

You could seek help from someone in private practice and be a self-pay client. Many therapists offer discounts for cash-paying clients. You could also research what your health insurance will be once it kicks in and find a therapist who accepts that insurance, knowing that your insurance will start covering it in a few months. You can go to the website for that insurance and look up approved providers or you can use LifeHelper or Psychology Today “find a therapist” links and look for a therapist with the specialties and the insurance you prefer. 

Most communities also have community mental health centers that offer free or discounted services. I did a quick search in your area and here is an example of one link to check out: http://solutions-foundation.org/resources/mental-health.html

Finally, if you are feeling suicidal again just go to your local emergency room. If you get admitted and treated, the social workers at the hospital will help you find follow-up care. In the meantime, this site also has online support groups and you can check out some in your community. Being around others with similar struggles can be very helpful.

You have tried to handle things on your own for too long. It is time to get some professional help. It can, and will, get better.

All the best,

Dr. Holly Counts

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