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I Need to Learn How to Work with My Daughter Better

I need to work more closely with my 25 years daughter with Down Syndrome on how to live based on discipline. Her name is Sanaz. She grows up with my old mother which we all learned how to serve and take care of my daughter. We had a renovation at our apartment and I am planning to start fresh and help my daughter to be more independent. She needs to learn the routine for her first needs in life. On the other hand, I never learned how to be disciplined and have a hard time to adjust my approach. How I can lead her to plan the day and share the chores at home? How to keep our house and body healthy? Sanaz has a strong personality at the same time the emotional affections are as fragile as a bird.
I needed some support on this subject.

Thank you for your email — and you’re right: you do need some help with getting the right services. Fortunately, there is an exceptional network near your home that can help with training, support, and planning. You can get the information here.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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