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I Want to Know if I Could Potentially Have ADHD Due to Some Behaviors I Thought Were Normal

I audibly choke on my words when I am having a good conversation due to all the thoughts in my head trying to jump out at once.I have had to explain what just happened to practically everyone I have had a conversation with. I never considered myself having ADHD since I thought it was just hyperactivity and I was a quiet kid. Then I realized I became quiet after losing friends by seeming overly interested in their friendship due to my intense emotions which was frightening as a new immigrant child who didn’t speak the language well.

I also cannot read, study, or do homework unless I have a familar TV show (one of three shows that I have rewatched to completion more than 10 times) playing at the same time which has made college a lot more challenging. You would think the show would distract me, but I am more distracted when I try to focus solely on the work.

I just wanted to know if I could potentially have ADHD or ADD since that would explain why my mind is always buzzing with a million thoughts a minute and why I feel emotions so intensely (whenever I do feel them). (From the USA)

The clutter of thoughts in your head and the conditions you’ve described could be happening for several reasons. But, I agree, that starting with ruling out ADD and ADHD are a good way to go.

As far as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) here is a link to an overview with some more good information about ADD and ADHD. You can also take this quiz.

But beyond this I wouldn’t keep trying to guess The easiest way to sort this all out — to see if it is physical or psychological in nature, is to have a visit with a neurologist. A good neurologist or neuro-psychologist will be able to do testing that can reveal how you can best manage the symptoms. Without the kind of medical and psychological testing, you will be guessing in the dark about what is going on.

The biggest issue if it is ADHD or ADD is that it becomes a very difficult thing to sequence information. Meaning, it becomes difficult to follow the logical order of cause and effect. This is why having the testing by a qualified professional will help stop the guesswork. Having an evaluation will give your information about the symptoms that will help in securing treatment. In addition to a neurologist or neuro-psychologist, you could also try a clinical psychologist who does the testing, but in any case, I’d recommend a professional evaluation because this will also yield an understanding or the causes and a treatment plan.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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