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I’m Always Frustrated

by Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

From a teen in India: i am 16 years old and i always be frustrated. i always think of someone or something. sometimes i used to think me as a male and flirt with women being a girl. i cannot concentrate in anything.

i hate myself and i think i am useless and i want end my life. my mom used to scold me with bad words. from my childhood i feel that i am different from others i cannot adjust with anyone. nobody loves me.

i cannot be normal like others .for eg. i used to imagine that i am hero of a movie and thinking of romantic scenes. i am doing this for 24×7. i cannot come out from that. if i sit to study i cannot remember anything. once upon a time i was a bright student but now i”m nothing getting fail marks in maths.

It’s not unusual for someone who feels alone and unlovable to create a fantasy life. The fantasy can become much more “real” than a reality that feels painful so it becomes more difficult to leave it.

I don’t have enough information to understand why you have felt so frustrated for most of your life. I’m terribly sorry that no one has helped you learn how to love yourself and how to be comfortable with other people. Those things are learnable. Really, you can learn to love yourself — which will make you more interesting to others. And you can learn the social skills necessary to be comfortable with others and to make friends.

I strongly encourage you to find a therapist and to commit to at least a few months of sessions. A therapist will help you figure out what you can do differently to be happier. You might also find it helpful to join one of the online forums here at LifeHelper. See if the “teen lounge” appeals to you.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

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