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I’m Always in FEAR of Getting Hurt … and Other Issues Too

I’ve been haunted by a couple of feelings lately, it’s most certainly not the first time to have them, I suffered from most of them for around 10 years:

1- I always feel lonely. Always.
2- I have HUGE FEARS that I might want something and not be able to have it, to the extent that I keep pursing things that I don’t want just to make sure they’re there in case i wanted them. I get heartbroken A LOT in the process. I can’t take it anymore.
3- I feel so disappointed.
4- I don’t know what would happen to me that I won’t get bored of after a while. hence, I already feel bored before doing something that I’m excited about.
5- I don’t even know what I believe is right or wrong and don’t now how to find it. I feel lost. (From Egypt)

  Many people believe that boredom and loneliness is caused by depression. But some new research indicates it may be the other way around. What this means is that the work you have to do is in connecting to others to start building a support system, learning how to make connections, and talking about your difficulties with others.

I highly recommend group therapy as it will help you learn all these things in one place. Learning how to connect to others, supporting others when you can, and pushing yourself will be the best way to tackle these issues.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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