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I’m depressed and want immediate relief

I was diagnosed with depression and sever social anxiety in January 2010. I graduated college in May 2010 and soon after landed a job. I then took myself off of all medication (without doctor consent). I thought I had beaten my depression!

I was then laid off from my job a week before Christmas 2010. Depression was slowly coming back into my life. I am now back to my old thinking (how I was this time last year). I am very depressed right now (I am also without insurance to cover cost of therapy and medications).

Right now, I feel very depressed and am worried about going to bed, I find right before bed is when depression is worst. Because of my Social Anxiety I have limited friends and do not want to burden them with my negative thoughts, I also can’t burden my parents. I am just really sad, depressed, and lonely right now. Any advice for how I can help myself through this tough time, especially before bed?

Thank you for asking us. I am sorry you are having so much difficulty. I have 3 recommendations.

First, since you came off an antidepressant without the advice of your physician I would definitely reconnect and have this reevaluated by him or her. Sometimes individuals can do well for a time, but then life circumstances can cause a recurrence.The medicine obviously was working– so this would be the first step. If you can’t afford this please use the outpatient clinic at your local hospital. They will work with you on a sliding scale. This is very important. The medicine is likely to be the most immediate source of relief.

Secondly, I would recommend both individual and group therapy for coping with the depression and social anxiety. Research shows that the combination of psychotherapy and medicine is the best treatment for depression. Again, connect with your local hospital. You can also get information for groups in your area that are free of charge from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI.

And of course we have our Psych Central online support.

Finally I would encourage you to look into mindfulness meditation, or event Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy MBCT to help soothe yourself prior to going to bed.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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