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I’m Losing It and I Don’t Know Where Else to Turn

by Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

From a young woman in the U.S.: I know that this is a waste of your time since you’re not getting paid for it. I feel that most of the therapist and psychologists real intention for the job is really to just get what everybody seems to die for, literally. For a little piece of green paper. I’m sure they get tired of hearing all the same, stories of how everyone thinks they’re so crazy, or deal with the unbalance everyone has. They eventually grow weary? I don’t know.

But see? Thats one of my main issues. I just feel really out of it with the world, and when I say world I mean people? Hell, I get along more with animals and nature more than I do with people.

I feel like i could see right through most people… I don’t see how they could live so blindly to the truth of whats going on with our world… Instead of standing up and doing something about it, people just simply ignore it… Drowning it with alcohol, sex, drugs, television, food. There’s so much ignorance. All i see is others being so egotistical and so afraid to be their real beautiful selves… Instead they just try to impress others. Why? Why does everyone try to be the same instead of being their original amazing quirky selves?

I get fed up. I dont wanna keep living a lie. So its come to the point where i dont even wanna socialize most of the time. I get so easily aggravated, but thats one of my main issues.

I am overly sensitive. I feel way too in tune with everything. Only thing that soothes my soul is when im alone with nature. Surrounded by trees, the wind, the sounds of it all, but i feel everyones emotions. Even feel pity for animals i feel they have souls too. I just feel safer and closer to them and any human.

I love so strongly, but cant commit to anything over feaR? Theres so much i would love to express and get to the root of each problem but i cant with my overthinking mind, and i cant with a therapist due to not being able to afford it, cant even afford insurance… This was the only close to thing i could seek for an answer. Thank you for your time. I wasnt close to the point

Although it may make you feel better temporarily, your attitude of superiority over others is a fragile defense. Yes, there are people who live lives of self-deception and fear. Yes, there are therapists who are burned out or who listen to others solely for money. But I think such people are exceptions. Most people, including most therapists, are doing the best they can to live with integrity and gratitude.

Nature can be a powerful source of healing, it’s true. But in your case, I’m concerned you are using it as yet another way to separate yourself from the human condition. You would be better served if you would engage with your fears about the social world and learn some humility. People are pack animals. They are not meant to live in isolation. We become our best selves in the joy and the struggles of being in relationship with others.

There are many, many people who are struggling with the same philosophical and spiritual questions and who would welcome talking to someone like you who has such an inquiring mind. I don’t know what has happened to you that you can’t see them or are afraid to approach them. Therapy would probably help. Since you can’t afford it, please take a look at this article for resources: #/lib/when-you-cant-afford-psychotherapy/

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

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