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Is This a Sign I Am Becoming Unwell?

by Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

I feel me & my husband are the only people around & everyone else are a actors & don’t do anything with their lives till they have to act. Everything is around our lives. So a bit like the true man show but I don’t think there is any other life. The whole world is actors in my love.

Generally speaking, the ideas you have described would suggest that yes, something may be wrong. If I were your therapist, I would want to know what led you to believe in this idea and how long you have thought this way.

A small amount of literature exists about a phenomenon called the “Truman Show Delusion.” It earned that name because of the movie starring Jim Carrey in which the people in his life were in fact paid actors and his life was being broadcast as a TV show.

Researchers who have studied this phenomenon believe that it is a delusion which may indicate mental illness, specifically a psychotic disorder. More research is needed to understand what is causing a small segment of people to believe that they are living in a world of actors.

I would recommend being evaluated by a therapist. If this is a delusion, potentially indicating psychosis, then treatment could stop it from becoming worse. Early treatment is key to preventing the development of psychosis. It is important to not ignore this problem. The earlier one receives treatment for psychosis, the better the prognosis. Thanks for your question.

Dr. Kristina Randle

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