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Is this DID?

by Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

From the U.S.: I am trying to find information about my particular dissociation experience. My therapist hasn’t defined it for me, and I don’t know if she can. When I have a traumatic flashback or other stressful situations I can regress to where I think I am 6 or other ages, but always answer to my name, not other names. These experiences happen for hours at a time, sometimes even a day or more. I recall things that happened at the age I think I am. I have no memory of what happens during these times and my therapist is reluctant to share the information with me. Is there a name for this type of dissociation? Thanks.

I can’t make an analysis on the basis of so little information. I can tell you that the regressive experiences you describe are not unusual in a person with a trauma history. It is certainly important to treat it.

Of concern to me is that you are worried that your therapist can’t help you. You really need to talk to her about it. For therapy to be successful, you need to trust that your therapist can hear your whole story and that she has the skills to help you. If she doesn’t think she knows how to understand and treat the regressions, it is ethical for her to refer you to someone who can.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

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