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Lacking Strong Emotions

I’m not sure if how I feel with emotions is normal or not. I don’t ever feel annoyed, rarely feel anything with happiness and anger, never know when and if I am stressed, etc. If I’m annoyed or mad or sad then I can tell by the expression on my face and how my voice wants to sound and how my body wants to act. The only times I ever know I’m stressed are when I get an urge to hurt myself, the stronger the urge the more stressed I am. Is how I feel emotions normal? (From the USA)

  The fact that it takes you wanting to hurt yourself before you feel anything is something that you want to understand and correct. When our threshold for pain is so high it means we are not tuned into taking care of ourselves as well as we could be. Start by going to your general physician to get a medical check-up to make sure everything is okay there. When you go, let the physician know how you are feeling and he or she can help you get connected to a therapist.

You don’t want to be ready to hurt yourself to know when you are stressed. You’ve taken a good first step by writing us here. Now take care of yourself by getting a check-up.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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