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Major Depressive Disorder Complicated Further by Negative Life Issues

I’ve been diagnosed with major depressive disorder since age 28, am now in my mid 60’s. I relocated to be closer to my aging mom and after 8 years here I can’t seem to like living here and have been bombarded with life issues beyond my control e.g. being forced to retire due to lack of finding jobs. I am single; finding friends to do things with is nearly impossible, and do not want to go to bars as I am eight years in alcohol recovery. Having abused alcohol for some thirty years I’ve been diagnosed with cerebellar atrophy and suffer from balance issues It’s very hard being me these days and definitely not enjoying life. Where do I start to change things? I’ve started on new medications and talk therapy recently but it’s still early. I would so appreciate any tips, hints, ideas that might alleviate this sense of irrelevance and lack of purpose in my life. Thank you.

It didn’t look like you had mentioned going to Alcoholics Anonymous groups. This is the place where true fellowship can happen, and people can connect and support your recovery. I appreciate the struggle you have had and know that being with others with life challenges that include alcoholism can be very helpful. Here is a link to help find meeting in your area.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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