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Making Up Relationships/Characters in My Head

Usually before I sleep or after I wake up I make up characters in my head and it’s a whole scenario where it’s me but not me (like this prettier, smarter version of me) and usually another guy who is like my love interest and basically I make a whole love story in my head and it’s something new every day with a timeline and everything. and it lasts for weeks until I suddenly starting daydreaming (idk if you would call it daydreaming) about other things and it becomes a whole cycle.

I was always very loud and extroverted as a child but recently I’ve kind of pushed people away because that’s what they would do to me. so, when I learned that my older sister wasn’t going to play with me like I requested, I became more with myself.

Recently, we moved and isn’t very different for me but I’ve been doing this for months now, so it could be stress?

I just want to know if it’s serious or just some teenage thing because I’m scared to tell someone else because they might think I’m some freak.

It’s a teenage thing. These are not pathological thoughts. All of this sounds very normal—just part of growing up.

But I really like the fact you are thinking about yourself and what is normal and what isn’t. This is a very good trait to cultivate. I’m glad you asked your question.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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