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My Girlfriend with Schizophrenia

My girlfriend told me last year that she was diagnosed with schizophrenia, but now she tells me that she was diagnosed with schizotypical personality disorder, she’s supposed to be taking an atypical anti-psychotic for here psychosis and hallucinations, but she stopped it anyway. However, we never met except for twice, though she hangs out almost freely with friends, but she never hangs out with me or even talk to me on the phone because she says that I rise her level of anxiety, she seems to be uncaring and selfish, I can never let out any negative feelings of mine with her because it rises her anxiety and she acts uncaring and selfish, and she turns the table around to make her the center of the situation, I had a surgery last week and guess what, she went to the movies the same day. she said she was trying to distract herself. I don’t know if she’s toxic or not, but I can’t leave the relationship because i’m afraid she would suicide or harm herself in anyway. what should I do? (From Egypt)

   This doesn’t really sound like a relationship. You have only met twice and she doesn’t sound invested in you. If the only thing that is keeping you is her potential for self harm, you have to rethink what this means. If the relationship isn’t balanced it is not going to serve either of you in the long run.

It sounds like most of the effort is being made by you in the relationship. You may want to experiment with doing less to keep it going and test out how she reacts. If she has to go to the movies to distract herself when you are in need, she may not even notice you are gone.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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