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My Son Has Paranoid Schizophrenia and My 3-Year-Old Nephew Is Completely Attached to Him

I don’t know if I should be concerned or not. My 3 year old nephew and his twin sister and their mother (my daughter) and my son live with my ex-husband (their father) My son was diagnosed in 2013 with paranoid Sz and has been doing fine on an injectable antipsychotic. His negative symptoms, however, are quite severe. He has every single one of them!

My concern is this: My little grandson idolizes his Sz uncle and just cries and carries on if his uncle isn’t holding him or playing with him. This does get annoying for my son, even though he does love his little nephew, but you can imagine! Well, I’m wondering, first of all, what is your take on this? My granddaughter also adores her uncle, but she isn’t attached to his hip with velcro! Should I be concerned in any way? I do not believe my son will hurt his nephew, that is not my concern. But my daughter and I are wondering if this might have detrimental affects for the little boy i.e. will he pick up on his uncle’s total lack of motivation, flat affect, withdrawal and isolation, that sort of thing? Possibly his manner of walking and dressing? We don’t want him to appear “different” when he enters school. Also, is there any other reason for possible concern? I guess we just think it’s a little odd. Or maybe it’s just because my son is a truly gentle, kind soul who was dealt a very unfair card! 🙁 Children and dogs have always trusted him. I have asked the therapist a question before here entitled “I sometimes have doubts about my son’s paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis.” Dr. Randle answered. She would be fine for me again, or whoever . . . thank you.

Your son with schizophrenia has not demonstrated any evidence that he has the potential to be dangerous. The negative symptoms are obviously detrimental to your son’s life, but they don’t seem to be negatively influencing your nephew’s life. Perhaps your nephew finds his negative symptoms calming and soothing.

The fact that your nephew cries when he is not held by his uncle, is a potential problem. If it is a problem at all, it would be a development issue, and not related to your son’s schizophrenia. It’s important for children to develop the ability to self soothe and to regulate their emotions. It might be a behavior that resolves itself over time, as it does with many children. If it continues, you might consult a child therapist. Otherwise, given the information you have provided, there does not appear to be a problem with your nephew’s relationship with your son. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

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