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Possible Anxiety and Dissociative Identity Disorder

by Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

Hello, Thank you for answering my questions/concerns. I’m an eighteen year old girl whose very confused about herself and had to grow up way too fast and just keeps her problems to herself because no one will understand, I know you would like to get to the root, so I will just get to the point. 1) When I am in a bathroom, I feel someone is going to come out of the stalls and kill me. Also, if I am an elevator or a large hall by myself, I begin to feel pressure in my face and body to the point where I have to put hands over my ears like a child and is paralyzed. However, when I see another person, I instantly am better, the pressure is gone and everything. I have been like this for a long time. My mother laughs and just think I am acting like a little girl. But I know that their is something wrong here. Whats up with that? 2)I am very socially weird and growing up I heard sex is just something that will damn you to hell if you do it, because you get pregnant. In high school I was a virgin and did everything perfect and didn’t want to look bad in the eyes of the lord or others. However, my hormones would kick in. SEX!! I couldn’t stop the feeling. I needed it like air. When I would make out with guys, a weird sensation would happen and I would breathe heavily ( not like I am having an asthma attack or anything I was just fine) and just tremble like I am gasping for air. Even when I thought about it too much it would happen either before or after I would make out with a guy or even think about it. 3) Lastly, I have voices that talk to me in my head. There is eight of them inside of me. They all have names and personalities of there own. Bobbi is the bad one and he makes me want to hurt other…just impulses to kill someone or just choke them. Phoebe is a sexual predator and will want to kidnap someone to make them her personal play toy….the others are harmless but enhance my mood to their personality. But when I am stressed they tend to take over.

Concerning your first two sets of symptoms, you may be describing panic attacks. Panic attacks involve an abrupt, intense fear accompanied by physical symptoms including sweating, shaking , heart palpitations, among others.

Your third concern involves voices. Everyone hears an inner voice. It is considered the voice of their own consciousness.

Hearing voices other than your own, however, is unusual. The voices you describe hearing occur during times of stress. It may be an idiosyncratic stress reduction technique rather than a disorder. I would need more information about the voices to determine what might be wrong. For example, are they internal or external voices? External voices are associated with psychotic disorders.

Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is characterized by both different identities and amnesia. It’s common for people with DID to have periods of time when they can’t remember what they were doing. It’s beyond normal forgetting.

Your symptoms warrant an evaluation by a mental health professional. Panic and anxiety are highly treatable with medication and counseling. An evaluation could also determine if DID is a possibility. Ultimately, treatment is necessary when your symptoms are negatively interfering with your life. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

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