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Sister Is Cycling in and out of ERs/Hospital Stays Over the Last 2 Years

Our sister is 52 years old, divorced, possibly bi-polar. She is in the hands of the Vermont mental health care system. She has what she describes as a “panic attack,” calls an ambulance, and goes to the ER. This has happened dozens of times. She has had short-term hospital stays but nothing seems to help. We believe part of this trauma is that her children will have nothing to do with her, and five years ago, our (her) mom passed away whom she was living with at the time. The siblings are very frustrated by what appear to be her cries for help. Despite being medicated, the cycle always seems to begin (possible trigger?) once she’s left alone for too long. Recently she has claimed to overdose on medication, though a suicide attempt has not been validated. Is there such a thing as a long-term adult stabilization facility? Might this come down to privately paying for better treatment? Thank you so much for your help!

It sounds like your sister needs a full time care facility. The hospital she is using should have a resource person to help with finding an appropriate facility. These situations rarely get better in their own, but a good resource person at the hospital can help you find facilities, and if she hasn’t been evaluated for Social Security Disability Income then this may be a time to consult a lawyer who specializes in this area.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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