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Struggling to Achieve My Potential in Life

I’ve been told several times in my life that I have lots of potential but recently I turned 45 last month. I want to do something great in my life but don’t know which direction to go into. also, to achieve one’s potential, doesn’t it help greatly to have people behind you and support your efforts? I don’t have the support system that I greatly desire. when I was young I did not know what potential even meant but now thanks to the internet I understand it better. I’ve done lots of research on it online and have read lots of articles and such. still, I can’t understand why someone as smart as me can’t find great success. is there any hope for me? how can I get rid of the nagging feeling that I haven’t done enough yet?

You’ve answered your own question. The first thing is to find a tribe, a support network of people you can give support to-and receive support from. This is the foundation upon which achievement is based. If you haven’t read the book Flourish by Martin Seligman, you should. It describes how our achievement is tied into a number of other factors and elements of life, perhaps the most powerful of which is other people.

Building a support network means learning how to support others in their efforts and find ways to receive their love and support of yours. Begin experimenting with classes, talks, gatherings, events where you can meet like-minded people. Then cultivate friendships, mentorships, and other relationships. Other people are the essential ingredient to success.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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