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Violent Thoughts?

by Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

I know I should seek help, and I’m currently seeing a therapist for my anxiety, but I tend to get violent thoughts. Like if I have a sharp object in my hand, I think of ways to kill people. I don’t want to nor think I would enjoy it at all, but I do think of it. I’m aware this isn’t normal and I was wondering if I really should seek help.

I don’t have any traumatic problems or issues except for my mother and father getting divorced, and they were never close anyways.

My friends, or people that I talk to, say I am distant and sometimes hard to speak to. I don’t know if this contributes to this either. I’ve heard from our SCHOOL therapist/counsellor that I show signs of minor sociopathic tendencies, but I’m not sure.

My uncle’s mother died a month back, and instead of feeling concerned or bad like I should, I felt as if it was just inconvenient. I’m not incapable of crying, but it is rare to cry about situations outside of movies/television shows for me.

Should I be seeking help about this issue? Is there something wrong with me?

Yes, you should seek help. You are fortunate to have access to a therapist and you should be telling her about your concerns. If you withhold information from her, it will be difficult for her to help you. For therapy to be effective, your honesty is paramount.

The reason for your thoughts may not be evident to you, which is why you need to discuss these matters with your therapist. You are not a trained therapist but she is, and she can help. Therapists are trained to deal with these types of problems. She’s not going to judge you; she’s going to help you.

Regarding the death of your uncle’s mother, if you didn’t know her, then your reaction was normal. It would be unusual to have strong emotions about losing someone with whom you had little to no connection.

I hope you will utilize the therapeutic help that has been afforded to you. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

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