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Where Do I Start to Get Help?

After 4 years of suffering from depression I am finally at the point where it’s affecting my motivation and ability to work too much, and I need to be on antidepressants. However, I have kept this from my parents all these years and do not want them to find out. I am 19 so I’m no longer a minor, but I am on my parent’s health insurance so they would find out if I used that. My only option is to pay out of pocket which won’t really be possible when I go off to college in a few months. I’m not sure where to start with all this. How can I go about going to a doctor and getting antidepressants?

When you go off to college you’ll be able to go to their counseling center and get therapy and a recommendation for medicine. In the meantime, I would explain to your parents that you have some difficult feelings as you are getting ready to go off to college and would like to see a therapist or psychiatrist. The key here is not to believe the antidepressants alone will do all that needs to be done. You want to learn about ways to help the medicine. Asking to see someone now is something your parents should be willing to do in the service of helping you prepare for college.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan

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